How to travel safely in Nepal during corona pandemic?

Traveling safe in Nepal during Covid-19

Do you want to travel to Nepal in times of Covid-19? That is possible! Of course it is important that you take a number of precautions, so that you can still enjoy a safe and successful trip. Also in Nepal there are a number of rules you have to follow to protect yourself and the local population.

In this blog I would like to tell you how to travel as safe as possible in these times, what measures apply in Nepal and what you can do yourself. Please also read our previous blog about travelling to Nepal in corona times, about what conditions apply to travel to Nepal at the moment.

Choose private transport and limit your flights

With us you make a tailor-made trip. You fill in your holiday according to your interests. An important part is your transport on the spot. We advise you to include a car with a private driver in your trip as much as possible. Rental cars with which you drive yourself are not safe and therefore not possible in Nepal.

Going on the road with a private driver not only ensures that you get in touch with fewer people, avoid crowds and it also gives you a lot more flexibility. You can easily go to places that are less easy to reach and therefore less crowded. In this way you avoid travelling in overcrowded buses.

Also try to limit the number of domestic flights you take. This is not only more sustainable, but also safer and more comfortable. You do not lose time in overcrowded airports, waiting for a delayed flight.

Avoid crowded locations

We are happy to take you to less travelled and therefore authentic places. And even better in these times! You can also choose to avoid the busy cities and travel straight on to quieter places. The cultural highlights are best visited during off-peak times, so you can look around more comfortably and safely. Of course, this is the big advantage of a tailor-made individual trip: you decide your own route and your stops!

Travelling outside the main season is also highly recommended. Also in winter and in monsoon you can travel to Nepal and the big advantage is that you won’t encounter many other visitors.

Sleep in small-scale accommodations

During our trips you will sleep as much as possible in small-scale accommodations. That’s nice, because the experience is not only more personal, but it makes it easier to take into account the other guests.

All our accommodations comply with a large number of safety and hygiene measures. The rooms are cleaned intensively, breakfast is served by waiters, your temperature is often measured on arrival and the staff wears a mouth mask at all times. To limit contact at reception, we will send your vouchers in the morning by email to the next accommodation. And, of course, keeping your distance at all times is recommended!

Follow the local rules

If you are travelling to Nepal, follow at least the following rules:
– Do not give hands or cuddles to others, the Nepalese Namaste greeting on the other hand is completely corona proof
– Always keep enough distance, at least 1.5 meters
Wash your hands as often as possible with soap and water, if not available use cleaning alcohol regularly
Sneeze and cough in your elbow or in a handkerchief
Avoid crowded locations where it is difficult to keep your distance
Wear a mouth mask in crowded locations or when it is indicated that it is compulsory

The rules in Nepal are still changing. Once you approach your trip, you will receive a clear overview of the current guidelines and rules regarding Covid-19. If something changes during your trip, we will inform you immediately!

Book your international flight with a reliable airline

With us you can only book a country package in Nepal. We do not arrange international flights for you. This gives you the flexibility to choose which airline you fly with and at what time of day. A reliable airline will give you the chance to reschedule your flight on an other date for free or will give you a voucher in case you cannot travel through Covid-19. Be sure to read the small print as well!

Check if the flights are fully booked, what the precautions are on board, what requirements there are to fly, what rules they have, if you have to change terminals,… It also seems best to us to limit the connection time with the next flight, so that you don’t have to stay too long in the airport.

We ourselves have a good experience with Qatar Airways, which flies several times a day to Kathmandu from Doha. From there you have a connection to Europe. Doha airport is very spacious and gives you plenty of options to keep your distance. Of course there are also other airlines with which you can fly to Kathmandu!

Take out good travel and cancellation insurance

We always recommend a good travel and cancellation insurance, in Covid-19 times they are certainly indispensable! If you travel with us, a travel insurance is compulsory. If you have a valid reason to cancel your trip, you can go to your cancellation insurance.

Be sure to compare the coverage of different insurers: there are big differences. Will costs be reimbursed in the event of an unexpected quarantine? Are you entitled to repatriation if the travel advice suddenly changes? Not all insurers include cover for Covid-19 in their policies!

Currently (December 2020) it is compulsory in Nepal to have travel insurance with a coverage up to USD 5000 in case you have costs due to a Covid-19 infection or unexpected quarantine.

Rely on our advice as a Nepal travel specialist

We live in Nepal and together with our team we keep a close eye on the situation in the different parts of the country. So we usually know exactly what the current state of affairs is. We can tell you which places are better avoided and which are easy to visit and when. We regularly visit our accommodations, so we know exactly what measures they take to guarantee you a safe stay. This gives you the opportunity to make a tailor made trip and enjoy yourself once you’re on site.

Before you leave for Nepal, we will also tell you what preparations you need to make: if you need a health declaration or a negative PCR test, you will hear from us in good time!

By the way, did you know that we can always be reached during your trip via WhatsApp? So if there is anything, we can always provide help right away. You can also contact us if you have corona-like symptoms. We will tell you exactly what the directive is in Nepal and where you can have a test taken. In this case, be sure to stay inside and avoid contact with other people!

Bring your own mouth mask and disinfectant gel

It is important that you bring your own mouth masks and disinfectant gel. After all, it is not always easy to find this on the spot. In order not to increase the waste mountain of disposable mouth masks in Nepal, we recommend purchasing some textile mouth masks. If you want to support the local economy, you can get nice mouth masks made by social enterprises in Nepal.

Flexible booking

We understand that it is exciting to book a trip to Nepal now. We therefore temporarily apply more flexible booking and cancellation conditions. If you book a trip with us with departure in 2021, you can cancel for free if Covid-19 does not allow you to travel to Nepal!

Corona Update

If you want to know how Covid-19 evolved in Nepal and what the current situation is, take a look at our Corona Update webpage! And on this page you can read about the measures we are taking to prevent Covid-19.

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