Odd times

Before we realized it, we all ended up in a very unusual situation. Everything that was normal before, it’s not anymore now. Combating the corona virus Covid-19, preventing infection and reducing casualties is now a priority. That’s why our support goes to the victims, their families and the front line workers!

We hope that you stay healthy and that you have also found a new routine in the restrictive measures.

The safety and well-being of our guests is our first priority. That is why we follow the situation from Nepal closely.

We’ve been working hard to tackle the situation and put some extra health and safety guidelines into place.

Corona and booked trips to/in Nepal

Our guests who would travel with us to Nepal in July, August and September 2020, but who are unable to travel due to restrictive Corona measures, have already contacted us. In consultation with these guests we have moved these trips free of charge to a later date, preferably to 2021.

The guests who would travel with us to Nepal in October and November 2020 had the choice to wait and see, to cancel or to re-book their tour to next year.

If you have any questions about your booked trip, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Risk-free booking a trip to Nepal in 2021? 

In order to meet the uncertain situation, we offer:


With our trips you can change the date of your trip for free! In addition, you can cancel free of charge up to 45 days before departure. You can then use the deposit paid on your next trip with us.


Our past customers will testify to this. We are very good at finding solutions and also during the Covid-19 crisis we went to great lengths to get our customers back home safely! We have been working for some European travel organizations for years.


In the meantime we have adapted our Health & Safety policy and the necessary precautions have been taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 among our guests. In the coming weeks our employees and suppliers will be further trained in this as well! We follow the guidelines of ATTA.


In Nepal a lot of people depend on tourism! When you book a trip with us, you support communities that need our help now more than ever! If you want to support our guides and porters, who are out of income, then consider doing a donation through this page.


Updates on the current situation in Nepal – Covid-19

Nepal is not spared from the coronavirus either: to protect itself it went into lock-down on 24 March. Below is an overview of what happened after that date.

9/10/2020 – New conditions and guidelines for tourists, from 17 October

Because there was a lot of feedback against the previous conditions, the government made changes. Those who want to travel to Nepal as a tourist from 17 October, need a negative PCR test of max. 72 hours old on arrival and have to be prepared to take a Corona test in Nepal after arrival. It is not necessary to go into quarantine for 7 days, nor to take out an additional Covid-19 insurance. However, it is best to bring a declaration stating that you are responsible for any costs made because of Covid-19 in Nepal.

Meanwhile, the number of Covid-19 infections in Nepal, and especially in Kathmandu, is still increasing. The hospitals in the valley do not have enough capacity to cope with all this.

Moreover, you should also keep in mind that many trekking areas or villages in the mountains have their own local rules, sometimes even with quarantine. Read here more.

In the meantime, the government is working on a further protocol with clear guidelines where tourists and trekking agencies should stick to.

29/09/2020 – Strict rules for tourists


The government has drawn up the conditions and rules for tourists:
– you need a negative PCR test, which is max. 72 hours old at the time of arrival;
– you will stay in quarantine for a minimum of 7 days after your arrival in a hotel, whose details you will pass on to the government;
– you undergo a coronary test on day 4 or 5 of your quarantine, if the result is negative, you may quarantine on that 7, if not you will remain in quarantine until you can submit a negative PCR test;


– you take out an additional Covid-19 insurance with a coverage of at least 5000 USD


17/09/2020 – Buses and domestic flights are allowed again

As of today there are again connections between the different cities in Nepal. Both buses and domestic flights have been allowed to resume their operations. They are only allowed to run at half capacity, so that distance can be maintained. The local population will therefore be able to travel again.

15/09/2020 – From 17 October, international flights will also be possible for tourists, trekking and mountaineering!

Even though there are still many Covid-19 infections in Nepal, it was decided that from 17 October everyone can come back to Nepal. You will need a negative PCR test and you will have to be quarantined upon arrival. There is also a form online that you have to fill in. Further procedures and rules will be worked out in the coming days.

As soon as more is clear, we will add this here!

You can find our Covid-19 guidelines regarding health and safety for traveling in Nepal here.

Nepal open for trekking from 17 October

1/09/2020 – Reopening of the international airport

Although the number of Covid-19 infections is raising rapidly in Kathmandu valley, the government decided to reopen the airport. There will be allowed only 500 persons per day to arrive in the airport. Tourist are not yet welcome and it is not possible yet to get a tourist visa for Nepal. Only Nepalese living and working abroad, employees of big international NGO’s, embassy staff and the staff of the UN agencies located in Nepal are allowed to enter the country.

26/08/2020 – Lock-down in Kathmandu valley extended

The lock-down in Kathmandu valley got extended with another week. People are only allowed to leave their homes a few hours in the morning to do grocery shopping. It is still mandatory to wear a mask.

18/08/2020 – Second lock-down in Kathmandu valley

A surge in Covid-19 cases forces authorities to declare a week-long curfew till 26 August. Probably the lock-down will be extended at that date.

10/08/2020 – Less freedom of movement in Kathmandu / postponement of airport opening

Because the number of Covid-19 cases in the Kathmandu valley is increasing after the lockdown was lifted, it was decided to reverse some of the relaxations. The government also decided to wait with the reopening of the airport. The schools have still not reopened either.

21 July 2020 – End of the lock-down – subject to conditions

The pressure on the land became too great, so from one day to the next the government decided to lift the lock down. Only the next day the conditions were published. The official number of cases went down, but Covid-19 is still ubiquitous. There’s also less testing than a few weeks ago.


20 July 2020 – Domestic and international flights possible from 17 August 2020

Under pressure from tourism, the government decided to reopen the international airport from 17 August. Domestic flights will also restart on this date. No clarification has been given as to who can re-enter the country and under what conditions. Also, it is not clear what happens when you get Covid-19 as a tourist in Nepal. So as a travel organization we still have a lot of questions and uncertainties that we want to solve before we can confirm that it is safe to travel to Nepal!


20 juni 2020 – Third visit to the villages (Go Fund Me – action)

Our co-founder Chuda went for a third time with rice to the villages of Bulde and Thulo Parsel. He managed to distribute rice to over 120 families in both villages.

15 June 2020 – Relaxing the lock-down

Despite the fact that the number of corona cases is increasing, there are also parts that have almost no corona infections. For this reason, the government has decided to relax the measures somewhat. This is also the case in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Social distance is still the rule, and wearing a mouth mask is highly recommended.
The airport will remain closed until 5 July 2020 for all normal flights. Only charter flights with special permission of the Nepalese government are allowed.


5 June 2020 – Food distribution in Bulde – 87 families

Chuda went to the villages with food for a second time last night. He went a second time to Bulde, where some of our guides and porters live. Last time we could only help 20 families with rice. This time 87 families got a big bag of rice, so they have food for the coming weeks. It was a happy reunion with the guides! Everyone is doing well – despite the difficult circumstances.

30 May 2020 – Extension of the lockdown until 14 June

The lock-down was extended again and the airport remains closed – for regular domestic and foreign flights – until the end of June. Although the borders with India are open for Nepalese who want to go home. Additional the government also decided to start evacuating Nepalese citizens in several countries in Asia and the Middle East in the coming days.


25 May 2020 – Daily update number of infections


17 May 2020 – Extension of the lock-down until 2 June

Again it was decided to extend the lock-down and this time until the end of May. All aviation has also been suspended until at least 15 June and all borders remain closed.


7 May 2020 – 101 confirmed cases in Nepal

The number of official infections is increasing, partly because more tests are now being carried out.


6 May 2020 – Extension of the lock-down until 18 May

The government has decided – in view of the increase in the number of infections – to extend the lock-down until 18 May. All flight traffic is suspended until 31 May.


5 May 2020 – Food distribution in Bulde (20 families) and in Thulo Parsel (114 families)

With the money raised from our Go Fund Me action we bought rice in Kathmandu. Chuda went with this to the two villages where most of our trekking staff lives with their families. There we were able to give 114 families in Thulo Parsel and 20 families in Bulde a large bag of rice. The people there were very grateful. With our guides and porters everything is good!

27 April 2020 – Extension of the ‘lock-down’ until 7 May

The Nepalese cabinet decided late on Sunday 26 April to extend the lock-down until Thursday 7 May, the holiday of Buddha, Buddha Jayanti.


25 April 2020No flights until at least 15 May 2020

Also the airport of Kathmandu remains completely closed for the time being. There are no international or domestic flights possible until at least 15 May.


21 April 2020 – Nepal Inside Out launches a Go Fund Me action

To meet the shortage of basic goods in the villages, we decide to start a Go Fund Me action. With the budget that we collect with this action we want to provide families from the villages Thulo Parsel and Bulde, which are 5 hours drive from Kathmandu, with basic food packages.

Most of our guides and porters live in these villages. We also take travelers to homestays in these villages. This way we want to give something back to these communities in these difficult times.

13 April 2020 – the lockdown extended to 27 April


6 April 2020 – the lockdown extended to 15 April


29 March 2020the lockdown extended to 8 April

It is decided to extend the lockdown in Nepal until April 8th. There are no international flights possible until at least April 15.


26 March – early April 2020 – Evacuations of travellers from all corners of the country

In consultation with the Nepalese government and the Nepalese Tourism Board, trekkers are evacuated from the mountains. From different parts of Nepal domestic flights and buses are chartered to bring travellers to Kathmandu. From here, evacuation flights are organized by various embassies, including the Dutch and Belgian governments.

25 March 2020 – Nepal launches #strandedinnepal

Nepal Tourism Board starts together with

For more details you can visit their webpage:

For an update of the travel situation in Nepal as a result of COVID-19 you can visit the page of the Nepalese Tourism Bourd (NTB) www.welcomenepal.com.

24 March 2020 – Nepal goes into lockdown

Nepal closes its borders to everyone. Regular international or domestic flights are no longer possible, moving within the country is no longer allowed and everyone has to stay inside.

You can find more information in this article: https://kathmandupost.com/national/2020/03/23/nepal-goes-under-lockdown-for-a-week-starting-6am-tuesday