Our mission: positive impact through sustainable travel


We are convinced that tourism plays an important role in creating better places to live and visit.  For us, as a local Nepalese travel agency, this means that we strive to create a positive impact as much as possible with our travels. This is reflected in our respect for nature, culture and local communities and people. Furthermore, we do as much as possible to generate income and employment for the local population.

Why do we do this?

Nepal is one of the poorest countries on our planet. It depends heavily on income from tourism. Unfortunately, this income does not always reach the local population.  By booking your trip with Nepal Inside Out, you can be confident that you will have a positive impact on Nepal. Moreover, we make sure that the money of your trip stays in Nepal, and benefits local communities.

How do we do this?

We are committed to several initiatives. In addition, we work together with a few local social enterprises and NGOs, where you can visit or do a hands-on workshop. Finally, we are also spreading tourism to less travelled regions, so that other communities can also benefit. Thanks to cooperation with small-scale, family-run accommodations and (community) home stays this is possible.