Highlights Nepal: discover the beautiful Nepal

14 Days

After a homestay experience in the newari village Panauti you will walk over the hills surrounding the Kathmandu valley. During this hike in the beautiful Kathmandu valley you will have a panoramic view of the Himalayas! You will also get acquainted with the farming population in the countryside. You walk along the beautiful and remote village of Balthali. Under thousands of prayer flags you walk on to Namobuddha, where a beautiful and important Buddhist monastery is located. Afterwards you will continue your journey to Dhulikhel and you will end up in Nagarkot, where you will enjoy a beautiful sunrise! After a last walk to Changu Narayan, the driver will take you to the royal city of Patan.

You will also go to Chitwan, where you will visit the national park. Undoubtedly one of the highlights of Nepal!  You will enter the river in a korjaal (hollowed out tree trunk) and look for wild animals during a jungle hike. You will also have a day to rest and get acquainted with the local Tharu people.


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Today you will visit the third Kings Town of the Kathmandu Valley, Bhaktapur. This picturesque city is the best preserved medieval city of Nepal.

Protected as a Unesco World Heritage Site, you can stroll around the small streets, which are largely traffic free. In the old heart of the city you can stroll around between the various temples and markets.

The beautiful Place Royale overwhelms you with impressive temples and pagodas, finished with beautiful carvings. Did you know that there are three Kings Squares in the Kathmandu Valley? And do you have any idea why? Our guide will be happy to tell you.

Besides that, Bhaktapur is the city of potters: next to the clay ovens, you can see pots drying in the sun everywhere. Why don't you go and try your hand at making your own pot here?

Be sure to try the Juju Dhau, a sweet custard-like yoghurt from Bhaktapur, which is also used during ceremonies and parties.

Panauti is a typical Newari village, known for its Newari culture and traditions. The Newari are the original inhabitants of the Kathmandu valley.

You will visit the Indreshwor Mahadev Temple, a temple in honour of the God Shiva, and some other Hindu temples.

Today you will also get the chance to get acquainted with the daily life of an average Nepali family. You can see (and help) with the daily activities and talk to the locals.

By staying in this community homestay, you help the local women and their community to create their own income.

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Highlights Nepal: discover the beautiful Nepal
  • Mid-September until the end of May, all year round
  • Mix of standard hotels, ecolodges, simple hotels
  • Easy, 4 to 6 hours walk on slightly hilly terrain
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