As part of our long-term collaboration, Nepal Inside Out Treks & Tours Pvt. Ltd. and the hotel supplier agree on jointly pursuing and promoting sustainable business practices with the aim of developing a more sustainable tourism in Nepal.

These terms and conditions are an integral part of our collaboration, and main contract if any.

Terms and conditions

Social welfare and human rights

  • The supplier shall follow fair business practices, including transparency and adherence to national law and regulation.
  • The supplier shall respect human rights and economic/social equity by establishing fair labor conditions for its staff and providing equal opportunities.
  • The supplier shall ensure that all employees are free to enter and terminate their employment without penalty and in accordance with the employment contract.
  • The supplier shall ensure that its activities do not jeopardize the provision or integrity of basic services to its neighboring communities, such as soil, food, water, energy, health care or public space.
  • The supplier shall respect and safeguard the rights of children, which in the context of Nepal means:
  • No employment of children below 14;
  • Special working conditions are put in place to safeguard any employees between 14 and 18 (for example part-time or on internship basis);
  • Follow the Child Protection Code against sexual exploitation of children. Any suspicious behavior from persons on the premises or during excursion shall be reported to the local authorities immediately.

Socio-cultural conditions

  • The supplier shall purchase and use local food products, which are produced based on fair trade and sustainability principle.
  • The supplier shall respect and maintain elements of local art, architecture, or cultural heritage within its premises.
  • The supplier shall not sell or promote souvenirs that contain historic or archeological value, except as permitted by law. Instead the supplier shall promote locally and/or sustainable produced souvenirs that are based on the area`s history and culture.

Environment and biodiversity

  • The supplier shall minimize their impact on the environment by reducing plastic, using energy and water efficiently and ensuring proper waste management.
  • The supplier shall ensure that animal-related activities, if any, are operated within proper internationally accepted animal welfare conditions.
  • The supplier shall limit their negative effect on local and global biodiversity wherever feasible (e.g. do not offer red listed species on the menu).

Monitoring and Sanctions

  • The supplier shall fully co-operate with the sustainability terms and conditions of this contract, and shall allow and support on-site inspections by our company or appointed third party in order to monitor compliance with sustainability conditions.
  • In case of clear evidence that the accommodation jeopardizes the provision or integrity of basic services such as food, water, energy, healthcare or soil to the neighboring communities it can be reason to terminate our cooperation.